Regatta VR announces new virtual reality product focused on preventing sexual harassment

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

RegattaVR, a startup in immersive and interactive training in VR, will unveil a demo of its new training modules dedicated to sexual harassment awareness at the Realities360 conference in San Jose on June 25, 2019.

The limited preview will demonstrate how VR can be used effectively to shift behavior and offer positive guidance to men and women working together.

The demo focuses on two key moments where the right decision regarding harassment behaviors can transform how colleagues relate, according to the company.

In one, a manager is approached by a worker who has been made uncomfortable by overtures from a superior at the company, and it walks the learner through different ways the manager might listen to and address the issue.

The second scenario puts the learner in the shoes of an employee who’s trying to interpret a male coworker’s intentions, someone she had always seen as a nice guy. The experience is designed to engender sympathy for the woman’s position, even if the man believes he means no harm.

By addressing common scenarios and tensions, Regatta’s training promises to transform the conversation surrounding sexual harassment from stiff, rote don’ts, to a subtler, more empathetic experience. VR’s engrossing aspects and interactive capabilities are perfect for engaging sensitive, complex interpersonal issues. But it has to be done right, at the right time and with strong instructional underpinnings.

“Most sexual harassment training is passive and reactive, coming into play only when a company has a problem or scandal on its hands,” explains Bill West, RegattaVR founder and CEO in a statement. “It allows learners to check boxes, not develop better ways to handle difficult moments. Our approach is to offer training proactively, in a way that gets learners actively involved. This makes learners partners in the process, as they figure out how to change their behavior. Changing behavior changes culture, and that can have a huge impact on wellbeing and performance.”

These initial demos are the first modules in Regatta’s new VR training LibraryVR.

This new service was created for companies who want to use high-quality VR in their training but may not be up for custom projects.

Demos will be available at Booths 10 and 11.