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#BlackoutDay2020 set for July 7

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

Tuesday, July 7, 2020, is “Blackout Day 2020” — a day when Black Americans are being encouraged to avoid spending any money either online or at brick and mortar stores.

Not to be confused with “Black Friday,” July 7 is also being used to spotlight the power Black Americans have on the economy and, by holding back spending, showing American companies just how powerful they are collectively.

Other offshoots of the movement are advocating buying only from black owned local and online businesses.

The movement comes on the heels of multiple alleged homicides and injuries to Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement, most prominently being the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Black Out Day is also taking place in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and the devastating effects it has had on the global economy.

Early signals already show that minority owned small businesses are some of the hardest hit.

As the movement grows, it remains to be seen what affect the movement will have on online and offline retail.