Amazon listing delivery dates on select items as far as one month out for Prime members

Amazon Prime members are seeing delays as long as a month to get items that would normally come in just days (or, in some cases, one day).

Social media lit up Sunday night with reports that many items seem to have had their delivery dates pushed to April 21, 2020 — which is almost a month away.

Amazon later confirmed to Recode that the April 21 date is accurate due to the coronavirus outbreak’s increased demand on its infrastructure.

Amazon previously announced it would temporarily stop taking incoming inventory for “non essential” items.

The company later said it is prioritizing delivery of these same items, which include household, baby, cleaning, pet and medical supplies.

While it’s impossible to consistently report the delivery time for products because Amazon’s inventory and delivery times are often determined by where the closest fulfillment center is with the item in stock, it does appear that items that fall into the “essential” category have better delivery times — but often these are falling in the three to five day range, depending on location.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members are also grumbling over the $119 a year fee they pay to have access to the expedited shipping and Amazon is, so far, mum on if it will be refunding or extending membership fees.

Amazon Prime does include other benefits — such as access to streaming shows, music and other services that remain available to members during the slowdown of shipping physical goods.