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Amazon plans ‘Prime Early Access Sale’

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Amazon is planning another Prime Day-like sales event for October 2022 in an effort to help shoppers get a head-start on holiday shopping at discounted prices — which could create another opportunity for other ecommerce merchants to capitalize on.

Prime Early Access Sale will run Oct. 11 to 12, 2022, and be available exclusively to Prime members. Selection will reportedly include an emphasis on digital items and items that tend to be in higher demand for holiday shopping.

Like with its Prime Day sales, Amazon events often trigger other businesses to offer sales around the same date in hopes of capitalizing on the momentum the ecomm giant generates.

Using “Prime Day” or similar Amazon trademarks is generally best avoided, but other merchants often get creative to work around that by using more generic terms such as “Big Day Sale.” In the case of Early Access, the word “Early” could be leveraged for marketing sales that happen to coincide with the events.

Another advantage for any business holding holiday shopping deals earlier on is that it may be able to alleviate some of the last-minute holiday rush as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

Though it’s doubtful those will ever no longer be key parts of the holiday shopping season, getting about a month’s head start on offering holiday deals could prove to be a wise move if shipping and fulfillment carriers end up seeing backlogs again this year.

Many fulfillment and delivery companies are facing rising fuel costs and staffing shortages, putting more strain on the delivery systems. By getting packages out earlier, there could be less demand on the system come later in the year.