Amazon warehouse closed over coronavirus infections

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Amazon has closed a warehouse and distribution center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, after several employees there tested positive for coronavirus.

The facility is closing until at least April 1, 2020, the company announced March 26, 2020.

The closure was ordered by the state’s governor, according to Amazon’s statement.

The closure marks the first major shutdown of an Amazon facility due to coronavirus — but at least 10 other warehouses have positive cases as well.

Amazon, meanwhile, is facing increased demand as people shift more to shopping online — and has said it hopes to hire at least 100,000 temporary workers for its warehouses.

The company says it has ordered face masks for its workers but has received very few of those shipments. It’s also boosted pay by about $2 an hour in the U.S., United Kingdom and Europe.

That said, a petition is circulating among employees asking the company to expand the two weeks of paid time off for those diagnosed with coronavirus or forced to quarantine because of possible exposure.

Employees and government officials are calling on Amazon to broaden its paid leave policy to include, for example, high risk individuals who are not showing symptoms or been exposed.