Apparently Mailchimp and Shopify were just ‘on a break’ as the two companies plan to restore integration

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After a bitter breakup in 2019, Shopify and Mailchimp appear to be ready to make nice and play together again.

Mailchimp, which is known primarily as an email marketing platform but also provides a wide range of other marketing, website building and ecommerce services, says it will once again begin offering an official integration with the ecommerce giant.

As part of the change, Mailchimp will release a new version of its Shopify app that will restore most of the features that were offered until 2019, including the ability to sync contacts between the two services and track ecommerce conversion data.

The two companies previously battled it out in 2019 when the official app was yanked from Shopify’s App Store as the two companies feuded over personal data policies.

It wasn’t immediately clear what terms to the two companies agreed to in order to bring the integration back.

At the time, Mailchimp was also readying its own standalone ecommerce product, which some speculated could have been why Shopify was reluctant to give in on certain negotiation points.

In September 2021, Intuit announced it would acquire Mailchimp for approximately $12 billion, though it’s not clear if that announcement played in a role in the two companies ending their breakup.