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Bug could cause issues with online stores’ SSL certificates

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If your online store has an SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, you might need to update it before March 4, 2020.

Let’s Encrypt says about 2.6% of the certificates it issued will stop working on that date due to a bug.

That’s about 3 million certificates that will revoked due to the “CAA Rechecking Bug.”

There is an online tool that can be used to to check if your site is affected, though it’s also worth checking with your hosting company to double check.

In some cases, your hosting company may have already taken care of this issue or notified you of the issue.

SSL certificates are typically required (or at least considered best practice) for ecommerce stores that process credit cards and other sensitive information.

It’s worth noting that the revelation of the bug could trigger scam email notifications about your SSL certificate.

Clicking or otherwise interacting with these alerts could result in major security issues.

Therefore, you should verify any alerts directly with your hosting company.