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How to save paper when printing Amazon return labels

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Here’s a helpful hint to save some paper when you print Amazon return labels that use UPS as the return method.

When you go to print the label, change your printer settings to print the label and return slip double sided instead of the two separate sheets that most computers will default to.

The front of the paper will have the UPS label closer to the middle of the page with instructions and other information above it.

On the back will be the barcode that Amazon typically requests you include inside the package that includes order tracking information.

This prints near the top of the back page but on most printers should be well outside of the part you cut out and use as the return service shipping label.

To use, simply cut out the label along the provided dashed lines and cut off the top portion of the sheet with the tracking barcode and include it with your return.

Attach the shipping label as normal, recycle the rest and you’ll be good to go.