Marie Kondo opens online store selling stuff she told everyone to throw away

Marie Kondo, who is become famous (or infamous) for an empire around letting things go to “tidy up” your life, has opened an online store that, among other things, sells a $96 ladle.

  • The irony of Kondo, who encourages followers to pick up items and determine it brings them “joy” to declutter their lives, encouraging people to buy stuff isn’t lost on many.
  • The store is called “The Shop at KonMari” and is powered by Shopify.
  • For her part, Kondo’s store is billed as “a collection of items that spark joy for Marie and enhance your everyday routine.”
  • Other items include a $75 box and $275 brass tool holder (whatever that is).
  • On social media, some have praised what they view as Kondo’s apparently brilliant plan — get people to throw out all their crap so they have to buy her stuff.
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