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Shipt customer email encourages customers to tip more, promises changes

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Online shopping and delivery company Shipt sent out an email acknowledging its overloaded system during the coronavirus pandemic and high demand but was short on any real solutions.

The email was signed by Kelly Caruso, the company’s CEO and sent March 27, 2020.

The subject line was “What We’re Doing to Serve You” but if you’re looking for any specifics besides recruiting more shoppers, you’ll be disappointed.

In the email the company writes “We’re making changes to ensure that your critical grocery and household essential needs are met. Our Shipt community is relying on us to create solutions,” but fails to mention any of them specifically except hiring more shoppers.

According to the email, the company has added 10,000 more shoppers across the country last week, even as “gig economy” workers like these begin to express concerns for their safety during the coronavirus outbreak.

The company also provides a link to sign up to become a shopper.

The email also suggests that customers who are able leave a “generous tip” for delivery personnel.

Other than that, there’s little new information about how the company is actually trying to solve the capacity issues in select markets.

Some people have noted that the company did change the “next delivery” label from “none available” to “check back later” on its website — but that, of course, isn’t really that much better for people needing to stock up.

It has also added a banner reading “High demand may limit availability” to most of its pages — but again, that’s not all that helpful.

I hope you and your family are safe and well, and I am grateful for your trust in Shipt. It’s our responsibility, now more than ever, to deliver on that trust and make it simple and safe to get your groceries and essentials. Here’s how we’re working to do that:

This isn’t business as usual.
Many local areas are experiencing an unprecedented increase in orders. I understand the frustration this has caused for some of you in an already stressful time. We’re making changes to ensure that your critical grocery and household essential needs are met. Our Shipt community is relying on us to create solutions.

How we’re adjusting to meet demand.
We’ve added more than 10,000 shoppers across the country in the last week, and will add thousands more in the weeks to come. Growing our shopper community at this rate means more available delivery windows and flexible work opportunities for those who need it. Know someone interested in shopping with us? Learn more.

Keeping you safe and stocked up.
Our no‑contact delivery option means your shopper will leave your order in a secure spot at your door. Store inventories are rapidly changing, and we’re tracking stock issues to keep product availability up‑to‑date in the app.

Taking care of our people.
All of our shoppers have been provided with the latest health and safety measures from the CDC. Additionally, we are providing financial assistance to Shipt Shoppers diagnosed with coronavirus or placed under mandatory individual quarantine by a public health authority. This allows us to continue to support our shoppers while protecting customers like you and the communities we serve.

Show your appreciation.
Shoppers are working harder than ever to safely shop and deliver. Let them know just how much you appreciate them with a kind word, and a generous tip, if you’re able.

Moving forward.
Getting your essentials is a task we take seriously. Much has changed over the past few weeks, but our commitment to serving the Shipt community hasn’t. For updates on our continued efforts, visit our blog. Thank you for your patience and trust.

Stay safe and be kind to one another,

Kelly Caruso