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Shopify adds ‘Markets’ hub to make selling internationally easier

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Canadian based Shopify has announced a new cross border selling feature it calls Shopify Markets Sept. 14, 2021.

The new add on to its existing ecommerce platform goes beyond the existing capabilities of country specific domains and multicurrency in what the company calls a “centralized hub” for global commerce.

“To make it easier for merchants of any size to take advantage of the global opportunity, we’re centralizing and enhancing Shopify’s cross-border capabilities. Now, merchants can use Shopify Markets to identify, set-up, launch, and optimize international markets—all from a single Shopify store,” the company said in a statement.

The new offering, which is in “early access” only, adds key features that let merchants identify potential new countries or regions to sell in and launch there quickly and easily.

Shopify even offers “out of the box” configurations for launching in the chosen country, with settings already in place that taken local factors and consumer trends into account to help increase conversions.

Features such as translation, local currency conversions, country specific SEO, inventory locations, shopping, duties and taxes are all being combined into the backend.

Shopify is also providing tools and resources that let merchants operate globally without having to dedicate time and energy to knowing or researching, for example, what payment methods are most popular in a specific locale.

All of the internationalized stores will be managed from a single dashboard and integrated into the existing Shopify reporting system, with filters available where applicable to help business owners break down data by country.

Shopify is already heavily used in North America as well as numerous countries around the world.

At least during early access, Shopify does not appear to be charging any extra monthly fees to access the features, but there is a 0.85% per order when duty and import taxes are calculated via Shopify Payments or 1.5% if a third party provider handles it.

There’s also a 1.5% fee for orders placed with currency conversions, but no additional cost for when customers pay with a local payment method already integrated with Shopify Payments.