Shopify, Amazon affected by Fastly downtime

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Shopify and other major ecommerce websites and platforms experienced downtime Tuesday, June 8, 2021, after a configuration error caused a major cloud computing provider to stop working.

Fastly, which provides content delivery network services designed to make sites load faster for thousands of clients around the world, started having issues around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The issue was eventually traced to a problem with a configuration file, which was removed and service began to be restored about an hour later.

Most of the issues appeared to be centered around users trying to access sites from the Americas, Europe, Asian and parts of South Africa.

Similar issues have affected larger providers, including Google and Amazon, in the past.

In addition to Shopify, Amazon’s own website experienced issues as well as that of Target and dozens of other major websites and services.

Fastly, for its part, issued an apology for the issues and worked quickly to resolve the issue for its clients. While large scale outages affecting major services are generally rare, technical issues at Amazon and Google have caused similar issues in the past.