Shopify Partners announces agreement changes for 2022

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Shopify is revising its partners agreement to clarify some key points and cut down on potential abuse, according to an email sent to partners Dec. 6, 2021.

The new agreement takes effective Jan. 5, 2022.

aThe first change affects partners based in the U.K., India, Italy, Spain and Turkey and calls for Shopify to start collecting a regulatory operating fee on theme and app sales. This comes as new rules about taxation of digital products and services takes effect.

Another change is aimed at clarifying the rules regarding marketing activities done via SMS, email marketing and social media. While these will not necessarily be prohibited, Shopify aims to clarify that these technologies are covered by certain restrictions, namely against “spamming.”

Shopify Partners will also be responsible for notifying Shopify partner support of any data breeches involving customer data. This will now be required to be done within 24 hours of the discovery of such a breech.

Rules are also being updated to prohibit what Shopify calls “deception development practices,” which it says includes attempts to manipulate SEO and injecting obfuscated code into themes.

A final new provision will require Shopify’s written approval before transferring partner accounts or other materials covered by the agreement.

Finally, an update to the Customer API differentiates between email and SMS channels in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Partners will automatically be assumed to have accepted the new terms if they continue to use the platform after Jan. 5.