Shopify teases what’s ‘coming next’

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Shopify sent out a cryptic tweet about a potentially big new offering expected to be announced June 22, 2022.

The tweet included an animated video loop picturing balls with various countries’ flags on them being fed into a glass hopper, where they are scrambled.

At the base of the unit, small packages come out on four separate chutes. These boxes depict a U.S. flag with dollar sign and a Japanese flag with the yen symbol. Another set of boxes features only the Brazilian flag — no currency symbol is visible and the final one shows what appears to be an upside-down German flag with a backward euro sign.

It’s not clear why the flag is upside down, as this is not a flag of any recognized nation, or why the euro symbol is backward — or if this is an error or some kind of hint at what’s coming.

On social media, people began guessing at what’s to come, with possibilities ranging from enhanced currency conversion options to a worldwide fulfillment network.

Both possibilities are suggested by the presence of currency symbols and boxes.

Shopify already supports native currency conversion for a limited number of currencies, of which the Brazilian Real (the name of the currency is “real”) was not supported as of June 21, 2022. Shopify also operates a fulfillment network service with warehouses in the U.S. Deliveries can be sent overseas, but as of June 21, the company does not have warehouses located overseas to provide potentially faster and less complex shipments to other locales.

Shopify already bills itself as a global platform, so it’s also possible the animation is simply a representation of that concept and is not meant to directly refer to a single feature.