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UPS union plans nationwide moment of silence for slain driver

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UPS trucks all over the U.S. will take a moment to remember slain driver Frank Ordonez.

  • Ordonez was killed in the crossfire of a police shootout after the truck he was driving was allegedly hijacked last week.
  • “If in a safe place to do so, UPS drivers across the nation will have a moment of silence with four-way flashers on while parked,” said Teamsters Local 769, Ordonez’s union chapter.
  • The union is also using the hashtag #RIPFrank for the planned 5 p.m. eastern moment of silence.
  • So, if you see one of the company’s familiar brown trucks stopped around this time, keep in mind the driver isn’t stopping for no reason.
  • While UPS as a company isn’t officially sanctioning the event, it did essentially give its drivers permission to pause and remember him if “safe to do so.”
  • Ordonez had worked for UPS since 2016 and leaves behind two daughters.

Of course, Ordonez’s death comes at a busy time for UPS and other delivery companies as they rush to deliver millions of packages across the country.

  • Ordonez himself was on the job when his truck was allegedly hijacked.
  • After an intense police chase, Ordonez was killed, along with the two suspects as well as a bystander.
  • Ordonez’s death comes as a stark reminder of the efforts of those who deliver packages all year round and the often unexpected dangers they face.