Why brick-and-mortar stores are making a comeback over online shopping

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The COVID-19 pandemic saw a massive shift toward online shopping and many in the retail industry expected it to stay that way — but now there are strong signs that brick-and-mortar stores are making comeback in the minds of consumers, reports CNN.

While billions were spent online during the pandemic, that, at least at the beginning, saw shoppers avoiding going to physical stores, the tides appear to have turned.

Companies such as Amazon and Target are have announced they may have been a bit too bullish offer the swing to online shopping during the pandemic. Amazon said it has too much warehouse space now, while Target is working to move what it sees as a bloated amount of inventory through heavy discounting and promotions.

The roots of the issue date back to the summer and fall of 2020, CNN notes, when extensive lockdown restrictions in the U.S. began easing as non-essential stores were allowed to reopen and more was learned about COVID-19 and its spread.