Box Tops for Education goes digital

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The Box Tops of Education program has announced a big change — it’s phasing out the namesake boxtops and instead switching to accepting digital copies of receipts take with your mobile device’s camera.

That said, many products will still feature the old box top logo and those are still good — so save them and send them to school.

Many manufacturers are letting your “double dip” during the transition — so you can cut out the box top and send to school and scan in your receipt to get credit.

How do you tell the difference? The old ones that should still be clipped and sent to school have a dashed border and say “official coupon” on top along with the value in one corner.

The new version says “No more clipping” along the top. You should not send these in as they have no value. Instead, download and register the app and start snapping pictures of your receipts.

One advantage of this new program is that you may be able to get your school credit for buying products you didn’t realize were in the program since the app will generally pick up all eligible products — whether you spotted the logo or not.