How to still support your school’s box tops program when shopping for groceries online

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With a lot of people switching to online grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, don’t let your school’s Box Tops for Education program miss out.

As of this writing, online orders placed via Instacart, Shipt, Jet,, and can forwarded to the BTFE program and credited to your account as soon as possible.

This is especially important for schools right now since, with many schools suspending activities, fundraising efforts will likely stall. Plus, with grocery stores having trouble keeping food on the shelves, many people are having to buy different brands they might not otherwise buy and some of those may participate in the BTFE program.

For more details, including where to send your receipts and current eligible stores, visit the BTFE site.

Box Tops for Education is the middle of transitioning from small “coupons” on product packaging to scanning digital receipts.

As a reminder, Amazon also runs its “Smile” program that donates a proceed of most sales made through to a designated charity, which includes many school related organizations. Note that you must use the address and app orders aren’t counted.

As a workaround for the app restriction, you can do all your shopping via the app and add products to your cart. Then go to on your desktop computer or mobile device browser and sign in if needed. Ignore any prompts to shop in the app and checkout on this device.