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Apple announces video game, eSports effort

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On March 25, 2019, Apple announced Apple Arcade, a new video gaming and eSports platform that will be available this fall.

  • The new platform will be a paid service, this exact pricing has not been announced, but Apple promises no in-game apps or in-game purchases.
  • A limited number of games will available at launch, but the platform will be open to allow developers to add games.
  • The games will integrate between Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.
  • Although at least some of the games listed as being available at launch appear to offer collaboration features, it’s not immediately clear how well multi-player games will be supported or how.
  • It’s also not clear if users will be able to share streams of games or if larger scale tournaments via the Apple Arcade platform is planned.
  • Apple previously debuted GameCenter in 2010, an app and platform that allowed users to link scores, profiles and other elements of various iOS games — though it did not directly offer its own games.