CVS is piloting a “HealthHubs” concept in the Houston area.

  • The company renovated three of its stores in the region to be “HealthHubs” with more focus on health care and wellness, reports CNN.
  • The concept includes the store’s MinuteClinic retail walk-in health care service concept, which are at 1,100 of the chain’s locations across the country.
  • In addition, the stores are staffed with dietitians and nurse practitioners as well as services focused on diabetes management and asthma.
  • They also provide lab services and provides tablets with interactive health resources.
  • “HealthHubs” also have a reduced selection of other traditional drugstore fare — no more full aisle of greeting cards or beauty items.
  • The company also points out that if the “HealthHubs” concept rolls out wider, it could be customized with services for the community it serves — focusing on the needs of its customer base.
  • CVS acquired health insurance company Aetna in November, and rebranded itself “CVS Health” in 2014.
  • The move to focus more on providing services for wellness and health could ultimately turn out to be a cost saver for its health insurance arm as it makes it easier for consumers to access preventative care or take advantage of its own medical services.
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