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Dribbble announces changes to invite ‘draft’ system

Graphic design community Dribbble is making changes to how its invite system works.

  • In an email sent to members, the site says invites will now expire after eight weeks — instead of being “immortal” as they were under the old model.
  • Although anyone can register for a Dribbble account and use the site to browse others’ work and look for talent to hire, being able to publicly post content requires an invite from an existing Dribbble full member.
  • Dribbble calls these “drafts” — a nod to its basketball inspired name. The service uses several other basketball analogies such as calling images posted “shots” and its members “players.”
  • The Dribbble website periodically issues existing users new invites to send to colleagues or acquaintances — but these will now expire after eight weeks.
  • Previously there was no expiration date.
  • According to Dribbble’s website, the site uses invites as a way to control the quality of who can post content on the site — requiring existing full members to be responsible for those they invite.