There are 62.5 million LEDs in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home of Super Bowl LIII in 2019, is packed with over 83,500 square feet of LED video displays.

  • The “Halo,” mounted around the inside of retractable roof opening of the stadium, is 58 feet tall and is side wide that a helicopter could fly through it with room to spare.
  • Just as impressively, the Halo, if it was turned into a pool, could hold as much water as an Olympic sized swimming pool.
  • Its 380-foot diameter is bigger than the Centennial Park Ferris Wheel in Atlanta, which is comes in at 200 feet.
  • If flattened out, the LED surface is as long as three football fields laid end to end.
  • Find out more about the Halo in this infographic.
  • The stadium also includes a 101-foot tall “mega column” with LED covering three surfaces.
  • In addition, an LED “feather wall” on the end of one of the concourses features a unique triangular shape 26 feet tall by nearly 70 feet wide.
  • Besides these impressive LED installations, the stadium also features two upper and two lower suite ribbons.
  • A “pitch level” LED display that measures 519 feet wide by 3 and a half feet tall is complemented by two “field level” displays that are 199 feet wide.
  • Additional LED panels provide closed captioning to attendees, while much smaller installations are found in the stadium’s dining venues and press conference area.
  • All told, the stadium has over 62.5 million individual LEDs.
  • See the Daktronics case study of the project here.