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A look at the cover design and typography of the Mueller Report editions

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Even before it was released, the Mueller Report was already available for sale or free download from a variety of publishers and in a variety of formats.

Barnes & Noble, which is offering the report as a free PDF download, created this cover design using a mix of condensed, bold sans serif that seems straight from a Michael Connolly novel cover along with a red, white and blue motif edged with stars.

Meanwhile, both Barnes & Noble and Amazon are selling an edition of the report from Skyhorse Publishing that features the title in Adobe Garamond Pro accented with FF Din. Red, white and blue elements as well as simplified presidential seal and what appears to be handwritten text from the Constitution are also used.

The Washington Post is publishing its own version through Scribner, which uses a combination of Minion and an extended sans serif.

This Melville House edition features the font Knockout — and has odd visual similarities to a Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy novel cover.

Amazon’s Kindle edition of the book is using cover art designed to mimic Donald Trump’s campaign posters and logo.

Brown Books’ edition also uses Minion along with a blue background and gold border and text with the American flag in the middle.


The free Audible edition of the report uses a aged paper background with grungy sans serif combined with an old-style serif.