Apple introduces Fitness+ logo design

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At its Sept. 15, 2020 product announcement, Apple unveiled a new premium subscription service called Fitness+.

The service joins the “plus” branding used by other Apple premium products, including Apple TV+ and Apple News+.

For a logo, Apple stuck with the basic apple icon alongside its proprietary San Fransisco font, which got its name, at least in part, from the new practice of naming MacOS operating system versions after locations in California.

Previously, MacOS versions were named after species of cats, but the company appeared to be close to exhausting any critters with easy to remember, catchy names, so switched to using locations in homage to its California roots that are also referenced in its “Design in California” tagline.

The icon is meant to be read as “Apple” — rather than just being a decorative element — something that the simplicity of the design and the company’s brand recognition make possible.

Apple Fitness+ will offer enhanced fitness tracking along with virtual workouts.