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Facebook gets new logo design

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Facebook has a new logo.

  • The company unveiled its new logo Tuesday, April 30, 2019.
  • The new logo retains the distinctive “f” letter, but replaces the rounded square container with a circle.
  • In addition, the new look moves the “f” to the center of the icon, rather than the right side like in the old version.
  • The “Facebook” logotype that has the full name of the company is now relegated to use only for the company — but not its services.
  • Facebook has been moving toward circular looks for some time now, including in profile photos for both individual profiles and company pages.
  • The logo’s “f” is still in the company’s customized version of Freight Sans Pro.
  • The company has also retained its famous “thumbs up” linking icon — but restricts that to use for “liking” actions.

  • Facebook has also switched to a brighter shade of blue that should be used on the “f” icon.
  • However, the corporate logo retains the old shade of blue.
  • Previously, Facebook used a logo based on the font Klavika from 2005 to 2015.
  • Prior to that, when it was known as “The Facebook” — the logo was set in Verdana.