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Ikea gets new logo design

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Household furnishings giant Ikea has a new logo design.

  • The new design retains the familiar blue and gold color schemes and oval shape — as well as keeping the same general typography.
  • However, the company opted to refine the spacing and widths of the letters as well as reducing the “flairs” on each of the four letters in its name.
  • The typography update is aimed at making the logo easier to read at a variety of sizes, including digital formats and smaller format sizes such as icons.
  • In addition, the company also tweaked the blue and yellow hues used to allow more consistency across applications.
  • Besides its products and website, a giant version of the Ikea logotype is also attached to the side of its stores (there’s no word on a replacement schedule for these and, if so, how much assembly will be required).
  • Ikea’s last typographic update — switching to using the font Verdana in its print materials — was widely met with derision in the design community since Verdana was designed to be optimized for screen use and not catalogs, packaging and price tags like Ikea uses it for.