MinuteClinic logo design

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CVS’s retail medical clinic brand MinuteClinic uses a logo design that matches its parent company.

  • The current logo design places the name “Minute Clinic” in lowercase Helvetica next to the CVS Health heart icon.
  • Prior to switch to the logo design that matched the look of its parent company and sister retail store CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic used a different logo design.
  • The old logo design combined a fresh blue and red design.
  • The left of the logo lockup features a medic cross style icon modified with rounded, pill-shaped ends and the left and lower “arms” connected to form the image of clock hands.
  • The words “Minute” and “Clinic,” in all lowercase, were stacked to the right of the icon in a staggered fashion.
  • The lowercase “L” in “Clinic” is aligned vertically with the far left “leg” of the lowercase “M.”
  • It’s worth noting that the red angled element in the lower left of the cross icon, when rotated, becomes similar to the CVS Health heart icon.