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Oath, we hardly knew ye

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Oath, the umbrella brand Verizon put its acquisitions of AOL and Yahoo! and their related properties — will be retired in January — and along with it its logo design.

  • Effective Jan. 8, 2019, Oath will become “Verizon Media Group” (creative, we know).
  • Oath’s somewhat odd logo of the word in a super clean sans serif followed by an exaggerated colon (typically accompanied by “A Verizon company” tagline) will be mostly removed.
  • It does appear, however, that the logo will remain as part of the “Oath Ad Platforms” division of the company.
  • Verizon itself made a mark for itself in 2000 when it changed its name from Bell Atlantic to Verizon — a portmanteau of veritas (Latin for “truth”) and “horizon.”
  • The name was one of the first high profile company names to use “made up” words — a trend that continues today.
  • Verizon’s original logo design — with a large “checkmark” above the logo also attracted considerable attention given its non-standard footprint and use of gradients.
  • The logo design, however, was eventually simplified to contain a more literal “checkmark” to the right side.