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Slack gets new logo design

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Team communication tool Slack has a new logo design — and people have mixed feelings about it.

  • The company, which provides realtime messaging services for teams, is popular among startups and establish businesses.
  • Slack’s previous logo was a colorful take on the hashtag symbol that is popular both online and within the Slack service itself.
  • The old hashtag icon design had four lines, each in a different color, that overlapped to form a hashtag.
  • Thanks to the use of transparency, the intersection of each line created another color.

  • Slack also had an alternative design that it used when a more compact design was need — namely for its mobile app icons.
  • This design sort of “zoomed in” on the center, negative space in the center of the hashtag and placed an “S” in the whitespace.
  • Along with the hashtag symbol, the company used an all lowercase logotype with slightly rounded corners to create a friendly, casual look.