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Some great font picks for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming — and if you’re in search for some fonts to use for the holiday you’re in luck.

Irish Penny

Irish Penny has a look that’s quintessentially Irish and heavily draws on the hand drawn glyphs found in the Book of Kells. The font is generously round (like a four leaf clover) and also mixes upper and lowercase characters, making it fun and informal.

Irish Stout

For something a bit more refined and elegant, consider Irish Stout. This font, which comes with carefully drown outline accents, feels like it came right off a, well, bottle of stout. It has some fun circular accents and “feet” on the end of select serifs, which keeps it from becoming too serious.

Celtics Modern

Celtics Modern appears to draw inspiration from Irish manuscripts as well — though its curves aren’t quite as generous as some other fonts.

Shamaus Pro

Helpfully, this font spells the popular Irish name Seamus phonetically — and it, like other options shown here, also features many of the same Irish characteristics you’d expect. Shamaus Pro is thicker and definitely more a display font.

Garamond and beyond

Unfortunately, most of the fonts listed above are a bit hard to use as body text — since they tend to have odd shapes and serifs. If a project requires large blocks of text, it’s probably best to avoid using any of the fonts above. Instead, a good option is either a clean sans serif or any of the many variations of Garamond. There are numerous variations, all with slight differences, that give a classic look to any project. The “Original” Garamond (of which there are actually several variations) can be a good pick because its slightly less rounded strokes can go well with the letterforms above. Archive Garamond has a slightly “ripple” to its letters, sort of like a pirate font, but could make it another good choice that’s clear enough for body text.