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TrueCar drives home a new logo design

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Car buying platform TrueCar introduced a new logo design and branding in January 2020.

The new logo, from Pentagram, features the company’s name spelled out, camel case, in a custom drawn friendly geometric typeface.

The word “Car” is stylized using colored “start” and “end” points with the glyph’s paths filled in with match colored gradients reminiscent of a route on a map app or GPS.

Although the logo could be confused for that of an app or GPS company, it also traces the “path” of the car buying experience that TrueCar aims to streamline.

Colors used range from blues to teals to oranges, violets and pinks.

The old logo was set in a forgettable Helvetica-ish font with “True” in bold all caps and “Car” in a lighter face, often set in blue or a gradient blue.