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Amazon appears to be cutting prices at Whole Foods (again)

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Amazon appears to be cutting prices at Whole Foods Market again.

According to data published by Morgan Stanley and reported by CNBC, prices were down 2.5% on average compared to last year.

That said, Whole Food instituted a broader 3% increase in prices during the first three months of 2019.

However, prices were raised on products earlier in 2019 due to supplier demands.

Amazon paid $13.7 billion for Whole Foods in 2017 and began cutting prices shortly after the deal closed.

Since the acquisition, Amazon has been attempting to position Whole Foods as a more affordable premium grocer.

Morgan Stanley noted that, before the Amazon purchase, Whole Foods was about 20% higher than regional conventional grocery stores — but that number has shrunk to just 12 to 13%.

Overall, Amazon’s physical stores segment, which is primarily made up of its Whole Foods business, saw flat revenue growth of $4.3 billion.

If Amazon had included in-app purchases and pick up orders, which were grouped with its online segment, it would have been up about 5%.

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