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Are restaurants serving fake guacamole?

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

With avocado prices soaring, restaurants are being accused to serving fake guacamole.

At least one recipe that uses calabacitas, a Mexican squash, instead of avocados has been widely circulated and is tough to distinguish between real guac — especially if it’s only a part of a dish.

Small crop yields and increased demand have sent avocado prices soaring from $37 for a 25 lb. box in July 2018 to over $84 today.

Grocery stores have more than doubled prices in many cases.

No specific restaurants have been identified.

There are also other ways to fake guacamole — including adding lettuce, a technique used by at least one unnamed chef.

In addition, there are products labeled as “dip” or “spread” that typically feature at least some avocado but add in other ingredients to form the base (check your ingredients labels and watch for subtle labeling tricks).

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