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Blue Apron launches exclusive spice blends

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Meal delivery service Blue Apron has added custom spice blends to the lineup of cookware and pantry items it sells in addition to its iconic meal kits.

  • The new spice blends are larger, quantities of the blends included in the weekly meal kits.
  • The blends, which typically come packaged in small pouch in Blue Apron boxes, are now available in larger jars.
  • In addition to the familiar names — such as “Weeknight Hero” — each blend has been assigned a number as well (“Weeknight Hero” is No. 5).
  • Other blends include Tuscan (No. 1), Cajun (No. 2), Smoky (No. 3) and Barbecue (No. 4).
  • The spice blends are available for $9.99 for a 1.6 oz. jar.
  • Not only do the exclusive blends represent an additional revenue stream for Blue Apron, which also sells cookware and wine, but it allows gives home cooks more flexibility to experiment with “tried and true” base seasonings.
  • In addition, the new line will allow cooks to recreate past Blue Apron recipes that call for these spice blends.
  • Previously, if you were in the mood for a favorite recipe that called for, say, “Weeknight Hero,” your were pretty much out of luck — unless you could “reverse engineer” the blend based on the ingredients listings included in each box.
  • These new jars will hopefully remove that barrier by providing and “out of the box” blend with the correct proportions already measured out.