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Blue Apron tries out ice packs that can be used to water your plants

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Meal kit company Blue Apron appears to be testing out an interesting new take on ice packs.

The company has been using Enviro Ice in at least some of its shipments.

Like most ice packs, the main ingredient is water, but the labeling notes that the contents can be safely put on plants and that it contains nitrogen, which is generally a good way to create healthier soil.

Ice packs are one of the biggest challenges for meal kit providers who are also trying to cut down on criticism that the boxes aren’t as environmentally friendly as they might like to think.

The packs, which are typically made of a blend of water, gel and other ingredients, tend to be rather heavy but are necessary to keep food fresh and safe.

While most of the packs meal kit companies use can be refrozen and used for transporting food and drinks in your own cooler or freezer bags, there’s only so many that one household needs (and you often get at least two in every meal kit box) and most of them come with disclaimer that they shouldn’t be used for medical purposes such as nursing a bruise or sprain.

Other gel packs are often labeled as containing “99% water” and being “non toxic,” it’s not exactly clear what else is in all of them. Some of the packaging advises dumping them in the garbage or down the drain.

Unfortunately, while the contents of the ice packs appear to be at least somewhat environmentally friendly, they still come in a plastic bag, which isn’t curbside recyclable in most communities.