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Domino’s is patching potholes — in the name of pizza

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Domino’s — which dropped “Pizza” from its name to emphasize its other offerings — has returned to its roots with an marketing campaign slash public service project that helps make sure pizzas (and presumably the other food it sells) don’t get jumbled in delivery driver’s cars due to bumpy roads.

  • As part of its “Paving for Pizza” marketing campaign. the company says its goal is to repair potholes in all 50 states.

  • The website,, even includes an interactive feature that shows, thanks to a camera embedded inside a pizza box, what happens to a pizza when it encounters rough roads.
  • The website also allows visitors to nominate a town for repair.
  • Also displayed are pothole repairs that have been completed — which typically feature a “Paving for Pizza” sign and a Domino’s logo stenciled on the fresh repair.
  • The marketing campaign has drawn the attention of local TV news and is trending online.
  • Of course, Domino’s won’t be able to fix every pothole that causes “damage” to pizza is en route to customers — and there’s numerous other factors that could cause your pizza to end up a jumbled mess.