Hamama has invented a simple and easy way to grow nutrient rich microgreens at home.

  • The company offers “seed quilts” that contain all the seeds needed to grow a small patch of microgreens.
  • The system only requires you to fill the tray under the seed quilt with water once so it’s a good option for not-so-green-thumbs.
  • Select varieties of the seed quilts are also organic — but all of them are all non-GMO.
  • The system costs $45 but you can get it at a discounted rate of $39 by signing up for a $17-a-month auto refill program — but there’s no obligation and you can change, skip or cancel refills at any time.
  • The discount code GETGROWING54 can get you 10 percent off your initial order, too.
  • Learn more and sign up here to save 10 percent.
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