Is Sun Basket eyeing retail sales, other delivery options?

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

According to an email survey sent to customers and obtained by MixDex, meal delivery service Sun Basket is testing the waters to see if customers would be interested in other ways to buy.

  • The survey specifically asks if customers would consider buying meal kits from Costco in store or online, as well as mentioning Amazon.
  • Another option asks if customers would be interested in having the meal kits delivered by GrubHub or DoorDash.
  • The survey also asks questions about preferences of meal kits as opposed to pre-prepared meals.

Rival meal kit companies have dabbled in retail offerings.

  • Blue Apron tested selling meal kits in Costco previously.
  • Plated, meanwhile, which is owned by grocery store chain Albertsons sells kits in its retail locations.
  • Home Chef, while Kroger owns, also sells meal kits in grocery stores.