KFC mixes breakfast with fried chicken for two tasty new menu items

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KFC has finally done it — combined its famous fried chicken with waffles to create a Southern favorite.

  • The chain went through 15 variations of batters for the Belgian Liege-style waffle served with the dish.
  • According to KFC, the taste profile of the waffle was developed specifically to blend with the “11 herbs and spices” in the chain’s secret breading recipe.
  • The waffle is said to be sweeter and “doughier” than American waffles.
  • The new dish is served as either a basket or sandwich.
  • The basket features a choice of Extra Crispy bone-in fried chicken or tenders with a side of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.
  • The sandwich features the chains “Hot Honey” fried chicken between two waffles.