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Man says Amazon sent him a waffle iron with someones old waffle still stuck in it

A waffle iron purchased as new on Amazon allegedly contained the remnants of an old waffle when it was opened on Christmas morning.

  • Brian McCarthy, a photographer based in Los Angeles, tweeted a photo of the alleged product, clearing showing what appears to be an old waffle still inside of it.
  • The iron was purchased for McCarthy’s daughter from a listing that did not advertise the item as “used” or “refurbished.”
  • Although Amazon hasn’t directly confirmed if the incident is genuine, it did apologize to McCarthy, as did the manufacturer of the waffle iron, Select Brands.
  • The icky waffle iron in question is apparently on its way back to Amazon for a refund — presumably with the waffle still in it.
  • McCarthy plans to replace it with the same model, but he’s buying in a store this time around, he said.

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