McDonald’s adding spicy nuggets, new McFlurry option

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

McDonald’s is adding spicy chicken McNuggets and a Chips Ahoy cobranded McFlurry Sept. 16, 2020.

The two limited time offers will be available in most locations nationwide.

This marks the first time the chain has offered a distinct McNugget offering in its history.

Spicy McNuggets are made with a tempura batter that has pepper seasonings blended in — meaning they aren’t simply normal nuggets tossed in a spicy sauce.

The spicy chicken chunks will be available for a limited time price of eight for $1 at participating locations.

Speaking of sauces, the chain will also add a “Mighty Hot Sauce,” its first sauce since 2017 to serve the complement the new nuggets for those who want even more heat, though it will also be available whenever a choice of sauce is offered.

McDonald’s officials say it will be the hottest sauce on its menu.

Wendy’s has been promoting its Spicy “Nuggs” for some time now and Burger King brought back its offering earlier in 2020 for a limited time.

Switching to the cool side, McDonald’s is also adding a Chips Ahoy McFlurry dessert that features crushed cookies and a caramel swirl.

McDonald’s, like many restaurants, saw a dip in sales in the first half of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some stores have been closed while others went drive-thru or carryout only for extended periods.

That’s hurt the company’s sales and the company is hoping new menu items plus new safety guidelines can help.

McDonald’s last notable try at a new handheld non-sandwich chicken item, Mighty Wings (whose name has been modified for use in the new sauce), had two stints on the menu. The breaded wings, which had spices in the coating, didn’t go over well with customers and the chain was forced to get rid of millions of them by lowering prices.