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McDonald’s brings back $1 menu — sort of

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After overhauling its dollar menu in 2017, McDonald’s is bringing back four favorite items at a price of $1 — but there’s a catch.

Here’s how it works — customers have to buy a Big Mac, 10-piece McNugget, Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Filet-O-Fish sandwich at full price at participating locations.

They can then add any of those four items to their order for $1 — though the restaurant will automatically charge the full price for the most expensive item in the duo.

Although prices vary by market, this limited time deal will typically save customers about $3.

McDonald’s discontinued its dollar menu in 2017 — replacing it with a $1 $2 $3 menu.

Although some franchises still offer small food items for $1, at most locations only soft drinks are priced at a buck (locations at places such as airports often don’t even sell soft drinks at that low of a price).

$2 items typically only include small specialty McCafe items, while most food items fall into the $3 category.

As with most fast food offers, pricing and eligible items may vary by location and market and some franchises may not participate at all.

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