Potbelly Sandwich Shop adds ‘pantry’ offerings

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop has rolled out a new “pantry” offering through its online and app ordering systems that let customers buy “raw” ingredients and grocery items for customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s offerings are mostly focused on deli meats, cheeses and breads and does not appear to be offering, as of this writing, fresh produce items such as lettuce, tomatoes or onions that are commonly found on its sandwiches.

The chain is also selling bags of chips, soft drinks, water, juices and desserts.

In addition the 16 oz. jar of its trademark spicy giardiniera hot pepper mix continues to be sold.

The chain is also offering two “meats” packs — one for its famous “A Wreck” sandwich and another for its Italian sandwich — though it’s worth noting these bundles do not include bread, cheese or toppings.

Items are being offered with curbside pickup and free delivery, along with most of the regular menu, at participating locations.

In addition to the products, Potbelly also added a video tutorial on how to make its “A Wreck” sandwich at home.