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Ruby ‘Twosday’ goes all out for 2/22/22

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Restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday is taking full advantage of the so-called “Twosday” celebration with a collection of food and drink specials.

The restaurant, whose name is said to be inspired by the Rolling Stones song of the same name, is offering several “2” and “22” themed promotions on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, which, when written shorthand, is “2/22/22.”

The abundance of “2”s and the fact it also happens to fall on a Tuesday, which, when pronounced by most native English speakers, starts with the same “two” sound, has led it to be dubbed Twosday.

Under its “Greatest of all Tuesdays” or “GOAT” promotions, most Ruby Tuesday locations are offering $2 mini margaritas and regular domestic draft beer. $2 Ruby Relaxers are also available. Also available are $2 salad bar and dessert add ons with the purchase of an entree.

The chain is also offering a “2 for $22” option that includes one appetizer and two select entrees for $22.

It’s a good thing Ruby Tuesday is taking advantage of 2022 for this promotion, the ultimate “2” date, 2/2/2222, is a Friday, so it doesn’t quite fit the who “Tuesday” tie-in.

Other restaurants and businesses without “Tuesday” names are also offering $2, $22 and 22% discounts for the occasion.

Schools are also having fun with the day and the fact that “2” is the only even prime number to create math and other related lessons.

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