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Starbucks adding new ways for those living with low vision, blindness to access menus, navigate stores

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Iconic coffee chain Starbucks is rolling out new options for those living with low vision or blindness to access their menu.

The chain has inked a deal with Aria, an app that lets those with vision challenges connect to a live agent who, can via the smartphone app and camera, observe factors such as the layout of the store and help read menu boards or other materials to the individual user of the app.

Aria normally charges $29 to $199 per month.

However, the company also partners with products, brands, companies and venues who help cover the cost of the service. Some of these may be limited, special time offers, while others are ongoing.

Aria says it already has deals with Walgreens, Wegmans, AT&T stores and select airports and government buildings.

Under this new deal, Starbucks will also help cover the cost for customers using the service while in their stores.

In addition to Aria, Starbucks will also add Braille and large print menus across the U.S. and Canada later this year.

Another alternative to menu signage or printed menus is a contactless menu viewed on a mobile device. Starbucks already offers a robust mobile app that may fill the needs of some select users who are able to take advantage of using a personal electronic device to help view menus and other information