Meal kit company Sun Basket has removed the limit on the number of meals customers can order.

  • Sun Basket offers a combination of dinners, lunches, easy salads and snacks — but previously limited customers to four dinners per week.
  • However, that cap has been lifted and customers can basically order as much food as they want.
  • Sun Basket typically offers about a dozen dinner recipes each week along with another dozen or so salad kits, soups and broths, snacks and dips.
  • While it might seem odd to limit the number of items a customer can order, some meal kit companies cap the number of items because only so many ingredients can fit in a single box.
  • Shipping is typically a big cost for meal kit companies since the packages not only have to account for the weight of the food, but ice packs also add significant weight (and therefore increased shipping costs).
  • Sun Basket, however, has built its service by offering a wide range of flexibility — including letting customers pick from different proteins on select recipes.
  • Before this change, ordering the typical three to four dinners plus additional items often triggered multiple box shipments.
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