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Sun rises on Wendy’s nationwide breakfast menu

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After a limited release and testing, Wendy’s rolled out its breakfast menu nationwide March 2, 2020.

Like with the rest of its menu, the chain is emphasizing quality and freshness with the new lineup while also offering new twists on favorites from its lunch and dinner menu.

This includes the Breakfast Baconator, “a combination of a fresh cracked egg, six strips of applewood smoked bacon, one square breakfast sausage patty and two slices of American cheese all topped with a swiss cheese sauce between two premium buns,” according to a statement.

Wendy’s says participating restaurants will prepare bacon fresh each morning — and many items use fresh cracked eggs instead of pre-made patties with fillers.

That messaging echos the chain’s longtime use of fresh beef to make hamburgers (the chain is notably also using its trademark square hamburger shape on its breakfast sausage patties).

In addition, the chain has added a honey butter chicken biscuit featuring “a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit topped with crispy all-white meat chicken breast with whipped honey butter.”

Another key item is the Frosty-ccino, a spin on its Frosty dessert, which is cold brew coffee with chocolate or vanilla Frosty flavored creamer and served over ice.

This offering is not, however, a blended cold beverage.

Other offerings include a maple bacon chicken croissant as well as more simple items such as a variety of biscuits and croissants paired with combinations of eggs, egg whites, bacon, sausage and cheeses.

The new honey butter biscuits are available as a standalone side along with seasoned potato wedges as well as in a sausage biscuit and gravy dish.

During the rollout, Wendy’s is promising to replace any breakfast item with a “similar item” if customers aren’t satisfied.

Breakfast is a hot but highly competitive arena for restaurant chains right now.

While serving breakfast allows a location to increase revenues and, potentially, profits using real estate that would otherwise typically be closed, competition is fierce, especially when facing leader McDonald’s, which also dominates the fast food breakfast space.

Wendy’s tried breakfast twice before — in the 1980s and 2013 but the options never caught on.

Under the new rollout, participating locations will serve breakfast from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m., meaning it won’t have, at least at the beginning, an “all day” breakfast menu like McDonald’s.