The 101st person on Time’s influential person list? Sponsored content

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In addition to releasing its picks for the 100 most influential people, Time magazine also did a “partner” content piece where “Jane Walker” was named the “101st” pick.

  • Jane Walker isn’t actually a real person — it’s actually the name of a scotch whisky made by the same people who make Johnnie Walker.
  • In a partnership with Monumental Women, an organization dedicated to bringing greater representations of women to public spaces, Diageo, which owns the brands, is promoting its internal “action-oriented programming.”
  • “In challenging times like these, Jane Walker represents a step in the right direction. Jane Walker is a brand icon celebrating the many achievements of women and those on the shared journey toward gender equality and equal representation,” reads the short article on “Jane.”
  • “With the support of Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker, Monumental Women is thrilled to bring the first statue honoring women who have impacted history to NYC’s Central Park in 2020 — a true sign of progress! We proudly say #MonumentalChangeIsComing,” the statement ends.