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The McRib is making an early return this year

McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib nationwide earlier this year — starting Oct. 7, 2019.

  • The boneless pork patty shaped like “ribs” typically makes an annual limited time appearance on McDonald’s menu once a year.
  • The offering usually come toward the end of October or early November. however.
  • McDonald’s says the sandwich will be available at 10,000 locations while supplies last or the promotion ends.
  • Some McDonald’s locations carry the sandwich at other times of the year, too.
  • McDonald’s has a standalone website,, that lets customers check what locations are serving seasonal or limited time menu options and it’s been updated for the McRib.
  • Pretty much every year the release of the McRib sandwich is also accompanied by news articles about how the item has a flour bleaching agent called azodicarbonamide that is also found in gym and yoga mats.
  • In fairness, azodicarbonamide is also found in many other food products and the FDA officially says it is safe to eat.