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Tyson rolls out air fried chicken nationwide

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Tyson has rolled out a trio of air fried chicken offerings at stores across the country.

  • Billed as having 75% less fat than traditional fried chicken.
  • The product comes in chicken nuggets, breast strips and fillets.
  • Air frying circulates hot air around food at high speeds.
  • It requires less oil than deep frying or pan frying.
  • To mark the launch, Tyson is holding a contest that lets customers enter to win an “air plate” that uses magnetic levitation to make a serving plate hover above a base.
  • It’s all tied into the “lightest fried chicken” and “elevate your dining experience” Tyson is using to introduce the line.
  • The winners will also receive chicken strips and, a napkin and ramekin.